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A businessman working at his desk Boca Raton, FL Freedom Family

Built by Entrepreneurs.

Built for Entrepreneurs.  

We know firsthand that entrepreneurs have different needs than other affluent families.  We are designed to serve you with exactly what you want and need.  If your company is still your most valuable asset, we can help grow it.

An older couple, reading the newspaper on the couch Boca Raton, FL Freedom Family

More Wealth.

More Happiness.

By discovering the meaning behind your wealth, we encourage you to make money with purpose. We don’t believe in earning simply to have your assets collect dust. Instead, we focus on helping you develop your “why” - both personally and financially.

A retired couple in the outdoors, looking down a hill at their children and grandchildren Boca Raton, FL Freedom Family

Living a Life Without Regret

By Creating Lasting Freedom

Our values truly set us apart in that we are future-focused with a belief in the power of family. We connect with each of your family members in order to empower and encourage confident financial decision-making. 

Meet Your Advocates in Financial Empowerment