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Exit: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise - A Step-By-Step Guide to Conquering Business, Personal, Family and Financial Issues 

The average business owner spends 1,500 hours selling their business. This book will help you avoid that by providing detailed instructions including actual case studies on how to exit a business successfully.

20/20 Vision: Who Will Own Your Company in 2020? 

Learn more about the one question that should drive your company's strategy, finance, operations and culture, and will have the biggest impact on your family's financial, tax and estate planning: Who is going to own your company in five years?

The 5 Biggest Mistakes When Dealing With Divorce (Conversations For A Rich Life Book 4) 

Life events such as divorce, marriage and death are those in which money is in motion. Thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars change hands, along with the designation of beneficiaries and trustees. Unfortunately, these are also times when people are the most vulnerable to making huge money mistakes that can haunt them for the rest of their lives. Who do you turn to during times of crisis or change, when you need professional advice? How do you know which professionals you can trust?

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Our Values 

I teach entrepreneurs how to create lasting freedom so that they live a life without regret.

23 Tax Strategies 

With a lifetime of experience studying the tax code, I teach successful entrepreneurs how to create lasting freedom with a variety of tax strategies. 


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