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Create Lasting Freedom

I've invested thousands of hours learning, planning and implementing strategies to create a life I love. I codified the essential beliefs and behaviors that have driven most of my decisions. I share them openly so you can understand where I'm coming from, work effectively with me, and benchmark my integrity. I also hope that in some way I can influence you to become the best version of yourself and your association with me enhances your life.

- Noah Rosenfarb, CPA

26 Actions for Abundance

1. Expand Your Horizons.

See new places and have new experiences. New experiences help us to gain greater perspective and to better integrate learning.

2. Come From a Place of Love.

Let love and care be the basis from which you respond to all situations. Whether in business or at home, go out of your way to support those you care about. When we choose love, we provide more room for understanding and resolution.

3. Invest in Yourself.

Function better by enlisting the support of others who can help you physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Get a personal trainer, go for acupuncture, learn meditation, hire a housekeeper, meet with a financial planner. No one is more crucial to your success than you. Treat yourself like a star.

4. Work Harder, Then Smarter.

Sometimes what it takes to achieve the results you want is simply grinding it out - staying late, working weekends, doing whatever it takes. But working smarter can enable you to accomplish more in less time and without the stress.

5. Get Back To People Quickly.

Respond to phone calls, texts, and emails promptly. And if you don’t have the answer, let the other person know when you will, and then deliver as promised.

6. Be Courageous Enough to Have Uncomfortable Conversations.

Deal with uncomfortable issues openly and honestly rather than avoiding them. Admit mistakes as soon as you recognize them. The sooner you "come clean" the more trust you'll build with others.

7. Give Generously.

Be it your time, your talents, your money or your thoughts, contribute generously. Make things better.

8. Make a Mark.

Be known for something. We occupy this world for a small fraction of time in the life of the universe. Make your time count and have a positive impact.

9. Spend Less Than You Earn.

Do this consistently and you'll avoid many financial stressors that can tear apart your confidence, resilience or relationships. Live within your current means.

10. Create Your Own Luck.

Luck favors the prepared - so be prepared! Know what you're looking for and what you'll do once you find it.

11. Take Care of Yourself.

Treat your body like it's the only one you'll have. Keep an appropriate balance of exercise, rest, nutrition, and mindfulness.

12. Build Your Network.

Nothing big is accomplished by yourself. Cultivate a strong network of friends, advisors, supporters, and peers from whom you derive mutual benefit and support. 

13. Own Your Attitude.

You attitude is always a choice. Choose wisely. We can't choose the hand we're dealt, but we decide how to play the cards.

14. Express Gratitude.

There will always be people with more and people with less. Appreciate what you have and express gratitude to those who contribute to your life's blessings. 

15. Say Please and Thank You.

Common manners will serve you well in any situation. The little things count, often a lot.

16. Spend Time With People You Enjoy.

Some people add to your life and some subtract from it. Life is short. Spend as much of it as possible with the people who make your life better. 

17. Make Your Future Exciting.

Fill your calendar with things you look forward to. Look at your week and be sure there's a lot there that you can't wait to experience. 

18. Do the Hard Things First.

When faced with a list of tasks, get the hard things out of the way first. Then you can enjoy the fun things that much more. Procrastination is rarely a formula for success. 

19. Never Stop Learning.

You can't expect to succeed if your learning stops when you finish your formal education. Reading and listening to books is the cheapest, easiest and most convenient way to consume knowledge, stay relevant, and keep growing.

20. Live by the Golden Rule.

It's called the golden rule for a reason. "Do unto other as you want done to you" and you're pretty much covered for 95% of situations.

21. Learn from Every Experience.

Wisdom comes from reflecting on your experiences, positive and negative. Look for underlying patters to gain new insights. 

22. Take Intelligent Risks.

It's fun to try new things. It's not fun to lose money. Whenever possible, test ideas with a small sampling or a short duration and without being committed to the result. We succeed or we don't - and we can learn from both.

23. Pursue Your Passions.

Find out what you love and pursue it vigorously. Spending time pursuing your passions, whether they be work-related or hobbies, brings energy and excitement to life.

24. Plan for the Future.

Know where you're going so you can be sure you're on track to get there. If it's not your nature to plan, get uncomfortable and do it anyway. There's no downside to setting a target and working a plan to get there. 

25. Diversify in All Areas of Your Life.

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket" isn't just meant to apply to your investments. Increase your adaptability and resilience by creating value in multiple relationships, income streams, interests, and activities. It's dangerous to rely exclusively on one skill, talent, relationship, company or client for your personal wellbeing.

26. Be Present.

While it's important to plan and work for the future, be here now. Give others your undivided attention and listen intently. Focus on the task at hand. Your presence is one of the greatest gifts you can give to others (and to yourself).

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