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Stock Market - Too Hot To Handle? Thumbnail

Stock Market - Too Hot To Handle?

With the S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones Industrial Average near all-time highs, is now a time to buy?  

Whether you have some cash sitting on the sidelines or maybe you’re thinking of selling some of your equities to capture the gains, one of two questions is likely top of mind – where do I invest? 

Let’s face it, cash is earning between .01% - .50% APR and with the 10-year treasury yield just above 1.2%, the equity markets may feel like the only place to turn to suppress your FOMO.   

Allow me to introduce you to an alternative option: Real Estate.  

Incorporating real estate into your overall portfolio can solve for various goals such as a hedge against inflation and stock market volatility, reducing taxable income, increased cash flow and passive income stream, capital appreciation.  

At Freedom Family Office, we are taking this opportunity, with the markets where they are, to turn to alternative investing by incorporating real estate into client’s portfolio who are looking to achieve any of the goals listed above. To learn more, contact Jenna@FreedomFamilyOffice.com.