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What Should I Do With My Cash NOW?  Thumbnail

What Should I Do With My Cash NOW?

What Should I Do With My Cash NOW? 


The stock market is at an all-time high, and inflation is rising. This presents many challenges, the biggest may be:  What do I do with my accumulated cash? 

Have you been sitting on cash for months, thinking the market was too high to invest?  It can be frustrating to see the market keeps rising! What should you do? 

If you do nothing, and continue to hold cash, you're losing ground because the rate of inflation (3-5%) is way above the return on cash (1/10th of 1%). 

If you don't need the cash, and have a long-term view, we believe the economy will continue to expand, and stocks will benefit. It’s never a bad time to dollar cost average into the market, including now. 

If the stock market scares you, consider investing in real estate and commodities like gold or silver. Hard assets historically do well in inflationary periods. 

If you can handle a bit of volatility, consider investing a portion in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Many believe it is a new store of value that will do better than the dollar as the U.S. government keeps printing money. 

Please contact AskFreedom@FreedomFamilyOffice.com to discuss how these ideas can be applied to your own situation.