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From Our Point of View

The Debt Ceiling Showdown Thumbnail

The Debt Ceiling Showdown

Last week Congress agreed to a last minute deal to avoid a government shutdown. Now the focus turns to whether they can get their act together to agree on raising the debt ceiling.

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Taxes are NOT going up?! Thumbnail

Taxes are NOT going up?!

Taxes are NOT going up!?! Until the Build Back Better plan, or an alternative, is approved, there are no tax increases scheduled for 2022.

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Reducing Investment Taxes  Thumbnail

Reducing Investment Taxes

Do you have cash or investment funds that you do not need during your lifetime, and where you would like to maximize the investment return by eliminating taxes?

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Heading Into Peak Harvesting Season Thumbnail

Heading Into Peak Harvesting Season

As we look ahead at the fourth quarter and year-end, we see the extended tax 2020 deadline (October 15th) approaching and our shortening timeline to make strategic tax moves for 2021.

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