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From Our Point of View

Markets in November 2023 Thumbnail

Markets in November 2023

In a notable reversal of the market's recent downturn, November emerged as a pivotal month, showcasing the remarkable speed at which financial landscapes can transform. After enduring three consecutive months of setbacks, where the S&P 500 experienced an 8.25% decline, along with even steeper falls in Small, Mid, and International markets, the tide shifted. The S&P 500 rebounded impressively, surging by 9.13% for the month, mirrored by positive turns in Small, Mid, and International markets.

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Markets in August 2023 Thumbnail

Markets in August 2023

August Market Recap: S&P 500 Declines, Global Markets Hit Hard, and Mixed Economic Data. Energy Sector Gains, Weak Data from China and Germany. Powell's Inflation Goals. U.S. Job Numbers and Wage Growth. JOLTS Report Signals Softening Labor Markets. Q2 Earnings Performance and Future Estimates. Core PCE Index Indicates Rising Prices in July.

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Markets in July 2023 Thumbnail

Markets in July 2023

In July, the S&P 500 surged, achieving its best start in years. All sectors showed gains, with positive economic data and reduced recession concerns. The Fed raised rates, and CPI reached 3%. Job market data indicated wage growth. Earnings season has seen many companies beating expectations, but earnings are expected to decline by 7.3%.

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Markets in June 2023 Thumbnail

Markets in June 2023

In June, the S&P 500 surged 6.6%, reflecting broad market strength. The Fed signaled future rate hikes, and economic data remained resilient. Earnings for Q2 are projected to decline, but a rebound is expected in Q4. Job growth exceeded expectations, while wage growth fell short. Consumer spending drove a 2% rise in Q1 GDP.

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