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From Our Point of View

Buy-Sell Agreements — The Key Issues Thumbnail

Buy-Sell Agreements — The Key Issues

Do you own a business with one or more partners? If so, what’s your game plan when one of the partners dies, becomes disabled or wants to retire? Be sure to address these issues early in the business, to avoid conflict and often serious financial consequences later. Here’s a summary of the key issues.

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Taxes are NOT going up?! Thumbnail

Taxes are NOT going up?!

Taxes are NOT going up!?! Until the Build Back Better plan, or an alternative, is approved, there are no tax increases scheduled for 2022.

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Reducing Investment Taxes  Thumbnail

Reducing Investment Taxes

Do you have cash or investment funds that you do not need during your lifetime, and where you would like to maximize the investment return by eliminating taxes?

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